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The following menus for area schools April 11-14 have been submitted by food service supervisors. Menus are subject to change.


To eat lunch

MONDAY: Philly chicken sub, fries, cauliflower with hummus, fruit cocktail, raisins, bite of brownie.

TUESDAY: Chili cheese balls or cheese rice and meatballs, garden salad, green beans, applesauce, orange, graham crackers.

WEDNESDAY: Spicy chicken or roast turkey with rice and gravy, lima beans, potato salad, strawberry slice, banana.

THURSDAY: Crispy turkey taco or cheese quesadilla, salsa, cup of taco salad with grated cheese, refried beans, peaches, pear.

To eat lunch

MONDAY: Mini pancakes in syrup, sausage link, melon cup, banana.

TUESDAY: Chewy Cinnamon Toast Crunch bar or chocolate chip muffin, fruit cocktail, raisins, graham crackers.

WEDNESDAY: Whole egg and sausage burrito, or toast with jelly, cup of yogurt, applesauce, orange.

THURSDAY: Slice of ham and scrambled eggs, buttered toast, strawberry slice, banana.

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To eat lunch

MONDAY: Pepperoni pizza, corn, fruit cocktail.

TUESDAY: Cajun red beans and rice with glazed carrots, sliced ​​pears, cornbread muffins.

WEDNESDAY: Broccoli and cheese spaghetti, Italian rolls, chilled peaches.

THURSDAY: Roast turkey, rice vinaigrette, seasoned green beans, wheat rolls with honey, peach crisp.

To eat lunch

MONDAY: Granola bars, sweet pears.

TUESDAY: Hot chicken biscuit with mixed fruits.

WEDNESDAY: Extravagant breakfast, toast with ham and cheese butter, fruit cocktail.

THURSDAY: Chocolate chip muffin, fruit mix.


To eat lunch

MONDAY: Gumbo, rice, lima beans, broccoli, fruit cocktail, crackers.

TUESDAY: Fried chicken steak, gravy, yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, baked beans, pineapple chunks,

WEDNESDAY: Chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, corn cream, pear halves.

THURSDAY: Turkey hoagie, ham and cheese, cheese sticks, marinara sauce, curly fries, cut of peach.

To eat lunch

MONDAY: Powdered sugar donut, apple slice, sausage.

TUESDAY: Chocolate chip muffin, Goldfish crackers, peach cup,

WEDNESDAY: Fruit and granola parfait

THURSDAY: Dutch waffles, tangerine, string cheese.

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To eat lunch

MONDAY: Stew of meatballs, rice, green beans, yams, roll, tangerines.

TUESDAY: Chicken and sausage okra, rice, potato salad, green salad, bread roll, peaches.

WEDNESDAY: Pieces of chicken, corn, baby carrots, pineapple.

THURSDAY: Hamburger, baked beans, shredded lettuce, oranges.

To eat lunch

MONDAY: Mini pancakes, tangerines.

TUESDAY: Mini bread with blueberries, peaches.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken biscuit, mixed fruit.

THURSDAY: Breakfast burrito, pineapple.


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