School menus – May 8



Monday: Breakfast: Yogurt and Graham cracker. Lunch: BBQ pulled pork sandwich, oven fries, seasoned corn, cold applesauce or (grades 6-12) spicy chicken sandwich or cheeseburger on a bun.

Tuesday: Breakfast: Breakfast round. Lunch: Chicken, lettuce and tomato tacos, Spanish rice, homemade pinto beans, chilled pears, dessert or (grades 6-12) cheeseburger on a bun or corn dog and fries.

Wednesday: Breakfast: Homemade breakfast burrito. Lunch: Corn dog, oven fries, carrots and celery, ranch dressing, cup of mixed berries. Chicken, bacon and cheese quesadilla, baked fries, baby carrots and ranch, cup of strawberries or (grades 6-12) deli sandwich and fries.

Thursday: Breakfast: Breakfast pizza. Lunch: Mac and cheese, seasoned green beans, veggie and ranch cut, homemade bun, chilled peaches, cookie or cheeseburger (grades 6-12) on a bun or chicken wings, fries.

Friday: Breakfast: Bites of pancakes. Dinner: Pepperoni pizza, baby carrots and celery, ranch dressing, fresh apple, dessert or combo line (Grades 6-12), director’s choice.


Monday: Breakfast: Benefit bar, fruit bowl, fruit juice. Lunch: Pie Frito, corn, carrots, pears or (grades 7-12) cheeseburger, fries, lettuce, tomato pears.

Tuesday: Breakfast: Crêpe on a stick, applesauce, juice. Lunch: BBQ sandwich, fries, carrots, fresh fruit or (Grades 7-12) chicken fajitas, refried beans, broccoli, fresh fruit.

Wednesday: Breakfast: Cream cheese bagel, apple slices, juice. Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza on French Bread, Green Beans, Broccoli, Mixed Fruit or (Grades 7-12) Ram Bowl, Cookie, Mixed Fruit.

Thursday: Breakfast: Egg and cheese biscuit, banana, juice. Lunch: Chicken smackers, mashed potatoes, cucumbers, gravy, roll, peaches or steak sandwich (grades 7-12), fries, cucumber, peaches.

Friday: No school.


Monday: breakfast; French toast sticks, fruit or cereal and milk Lunch: chicken nuggets, fries, vegetables, fruit.

Tuesday: Breakfast: Omelettes, fruit or cereals and milk. Lunch: Beef Stroganoff, fruit green beans.

Wednesday: Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, fruit or cereal and milk. Dinner: Combo burrito, lettuce and cheese, fruit.

Thursday: Breakfast; Sausage biscuits, fruits or cereals and milk. Lunch: Chicken Alfredo with broccoli, fruit


Monday: Breakfast: Quesadilla. Lunch: Hot dogs or chili cheese dogs, fries.

Tuesday: Breakfast: Cheese omelets. Lunch: Asian chicken, rice, noodles.

Wednesday: Breakfast: Empanadas, smoothies. Lunch: grilled pork and chicken, okra, baked beans.

Thursday: Breakfast: French toast sticks. Lunch: Deli sandwiches, fries.


Monday: Breakfast: Strawberry-cream cheese mini-bagel, or cereal, fruit, juice, milk. Lunch: drumstick, steamed broccoli, salad rolls, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Breakfast: Pancake sausage sandwich or cereals, fruit, juice, milk. Lunch: Chicken pot pie, cooked carrots, salad, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Breakfast: Cook’s choice. Lunch: Cook’s choice.

Thursday: Breakfast: Chef’s choice. Lunch: Cook’s choice.


Monday: Breakfast: Pancakes in syrup or assortment of cereals. Lunch: Spaghetti with meat sauce, English peas, pineapple bites, garlic bread, vegetable salad, milk.

Tuesday: Breakfast: Banana bread squares or assorted cereals. Lunch: Chicken nuggets, carrots, peaches, crackers, vegetable salad, milk.

Wednesday: Breakfast: Breakfast burrito with salsa or assorted cereal. Lunch: Beef burrito, baked beans, fresh fruit, vegetable salad, milk.

Thursday: Breakfast: Biscuit sausage galette or assortment of cereals. Lunch: Pizza with minced pork, fruit, vegetable salad, milk.

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