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Menus subject to change. Milk available at all meals.


Reservations accepted at (620) 947-2304.

Thursday — Lasagna, broccoli, garlic bread, fruit.

Friday — Pizza, pickled beets, three-bean salad, fruit.

Monday — Closed.

Tuesday — Fish or chicken sandwich, potatoes, pea salad, fruit.

June 1 — Chicken fillets, sweet potato fries, pea salad, fruit, cinnamon buns.

June 2 — Taco burgers, corn chips, carrots, green salad, fruit.


Reservations accepted at (620) 382-2942.

Thursday — Taco salad with shredded lettuce, cheese and diced tomatoes; tortillas; beans with bacon; strawberries and bananas; cinnamon bun.

Friday — Ham steak, sweet potato, cauliflower, fruit, brownie, whole wheat bread.

Monday — Closed.

Tuesday — Beef and noodles, steamed vegetables, Harvard beets, fruit cocktail, whole wheat bread.

June 1 — BBQ chicken breast, gratin dauphinois, coleslaw, fruit salad, whole wheat bread.

June 2 — BBQ pulled pork on whole wheat bread, potato salad, coleslaw, fruit.


Reservations accepted at (620) 983-2226.

Thursday – Smothered Chicken with Cream Sauce, Baked Bread Dressing, Vegetables, Wheat Bun, Fruit.

Friday — Holiday Brunch, 9:30 a.m.: Cookie with sausage sauce, scrambled eggs, cinnamon roll or blueberry muffin.

Monday — Closed.

Tuesday — Baked goulash, coleslaw, wheat bread, peaches.

June 1 — Roast pork in sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, baked apples, wheat bread.

June 2 — Open sandwich with turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, fruits.

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