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Sausage sauce is shown.

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When the cooking classes were held in October, we explored a topic that we had been talking about all year. The emphasis was on the sides. Not just regular choices. Specials with characteristics to please and become even more.

We took four different ingredient sets and created a side, app, and main course. It sounds simple, but the way we did it allowed for creativity. Let’s take a look at what happened.

The first set of ingredients were green peas, carrots, corn, and potatoes. For the aperitif, we made donuts. A simple moist paste with the vegetables – not potatoes – mixed in took care of that. Some special seasonings helped. Fried until golden, that was all it took. A garlic cream was our dip. Donuts would also work as a side dish.

We cooked our sliced ​​potatoes with heavy cream. There was so rich and flavorful and perfect for a meaty function.

The cottage pie was our main course. We added ground chuck as protein. The vegetables came from our donuts and we use the dough to thicken the sauce for the pie. We took a few of our potatoes and mashed them for the pie filling. Intelligent use of our resources and powerfully tasty.

Ingredient set number two was made from pickled artichokes, grapes and olives. We made a salad with these tasty bites. We boosted the flavor by adding sundried tomatoes, sweet peppers and parsley. Our dressing was olive oil and orange juice. Simply served in a cup of lettuce, it was a sensational appetizer.

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