‘Stone Soup’ demonstrates the power of sharing



Moffat County Christian Academy shared members of the school singing during a “Stone Soup” sketch on Thursday, November 17, 2022.
Photo courtesy of Moffat County Christian Academy

On Thursday, November 17, Moffat County Christian Academy celebrated its annual Stone Soup Party, where students, teachers, family and friends came together to celebrate the impact of sharing, large and small.

The party started with a prayer followed by a “Stone Soup” skit performed by the 17 members of the shared school cooking class. Then they sang “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty; there’s nothing my God can’t do – for you, and you, and you and me.

Members of the Moffat County Christian Academy Shared School perform a “Stone Soup” skit on Thursday, November 17, 2022.
Moffat County Christian Academy/Courtesy Photo

“Stone Soup” is a European folk tale that has been told and repeated for centuries. It centers on a pair of weary and hungry travelers who arrive in a poor village. They knock on every door and ask for food. Everyone refuses to help and says, “I don’t have, I don’t care and I won’t share.”

The travelers soon conclude that the villagers need more than they do.

“We are master cooks”, shout the travelers in response. “We are going to prepare a delicious and unusual soup for you. We are sure we can find the special ingredient that is missing.

The villagers begin to gather to see what is happening. A man brings a large black pot. They fill the pot with water and light a fire under it.

As the pot begins to boil, the travelers throw down two stones.

“We make stone soup, but you know, it would be even better if we only had a carrot,” said one of the travellers. “Does anyone have a carrot?”

“I have a little carrot at home,” said a little girl shyly.

“Excellent!” shout the travellers. “Bring what you have and put it in the pot!” We make stone soup.

Students at Moffat County Christian Academy prepare a “Stone Soup” kit on Thursday, November 17, 2022.
Moffat County Christian Academy/Courtesy Photo

This interaction continues with a green bean, a grain of corn, an egg noodle, a slice of celery, a pinch of pepper, a sprig of parsley, an old potato, and finally a tiny turnip.

The folktale ends with the villagers realizing that at home alone they had little. However, by sharing some of what they had, there could be an abundance of delicious soup – more than enough for everyone. The special ingredient that was missing was sharing.

A festive meal closed the event. Delicious soups were prepared by teachers and students and served in five large slow cookers, along with 130 cornbread muffins baked by the cooking classes.

Organizers said they were grateful to all the soup makers, the shared school cooking class and City Market assistant manager Alejandro Robles for the vegetables used in the “Stone Soup” skit.

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