Summer soups at Lexington restaurants: Gazpacho, cold melon



Recent special soups from Courtyard Deli on Church Street have included Cream of Spinach with Cheddar and Artichokes, Tomatoes with Basil and White Chili with Chicken.

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The soup and all of its variations may be considered a winter favorite by some, but there’s no reason the dish can’t be enjoyed in the summer.

With fresh produce like spring peas and melon in season, there’s no better time to add soup to your lineup this season.

Local restaurants like The Courtyard Deli take advantage of Kentucky produce to provide you with light and delicious options when you crave a comforting soup.

Krissy Fraser, co-owner and chef of The Courtyard Deli, said she thought it was “kind of a misnomer” for people to label the soup only as a winter meal.

“People still eat hot food in the summer,” Fraser said. “You’re eating a hot dinner, so why not heat up the soup?”

Fraser said the soup is like a complete meal.

“Soup can be a side dish, it can be a starter, it can be heavy like a meal, or it can be very light like something refreshing like a starter,” Fraser said.

Here are 17 local restaurants to get you started on your summer soup journey.

The Courtyard Deli on Church Street, May 31, 2022. Marcus Dorsey [email protected]

The court caterer

Location: 351 Church Street, Lexington, KY 40507

Call: 859-252-3354

The Courtyard Deli, a Lexington favorite, offers a variety of soups for the summer season, including late summer tomato gazpacho, summer split pea dish and cold melon soup.

Customers can place orders over the phone as early as 9:30 a.m. The Courtyard Deli offers drive-in or walk-in options to pick up pre-ordered meals.

View the full menu and discover daily specials at

Courtyard Deli on Church Street offers daily house soup specialties like this recent trio of Cream of Spinach with Cheddar and Artichokes, Tomato Basil and White Chili with Chicken. Marcus Dorsey [email protected]

Salad Dressing Kitchen

Location: 113 N. Broadway, 1781 Sharkey Way, 2200 War Admiral Way and 3735 Palomar Center Drive

Dressing Salad Kitchen, with four locations in Lexington, offers four soups including seasonal sausage, kale and potatoes.

The restaurant allows customers to place orders over the phone or place catering, take-out or delivery orders online at

The Wise Rabbit

Location: 438 S. Ashland Ave.

Call: 859-523-2095

The Sage Rabbit is a chef-owned restaurant that offers a menu ranging from bourbon and burgers to seafood. Their egg and spinach soup is just another addition to the restaurant’s extensive menu.

Another bonus? The restaurant has a dog-friendly terrace.

If you’re looking for a place to eat well and unwind, The Sage Rabbit is open Wednesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Customers can place orders by phone from 4 p.m.

Good food co-op

Location: 455-D Southland Drive

Call: 859-278-1813

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Good Foods Co-op offers different soups every day, with a vegetarian option.

The Co-op Cafe Dining Room is open for dine-in, take-out and curbside service from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Customers can call and order for curbside pickup before 5:30 p.m.

Distilled restaurant and bourbon bar

Location: 157 Jefferson St.

Call: 859-255-0002

If you’re craving seafood, try Distilled’s Low Country She Crab Soup. Mixed with sherry, chunk crab, scallion fritter and caviar, Distilled’s crab dish is sure to satisfy your seafood and soup cravings.

The Southern-style menu offers a wide variety of soups, salads, and entrees, including verlasso salmon, smoked lamb, and goat cheese ravioli.

Customers can make reservations online at or place orders online.

The Ginkgo Tree Cafe

Location: 120 Sycamore Road. in Ashland, the Henry Clay estate

Call: 859-608-2486

Fancy a gazpacho? The Ginkgo Tree Café, which serves food from Selma’s Catering and Events, has you covered.

Served with diced cucumbers and crackers, the Ginkgo Tree Café offers customers a delicious cold soup ideal for eating at the café terrace. .

If gazpacho isn’t your thing, check out the Café’s full menu for a plethora of sandwiches and salads, including the restaurant’s Liberty and Superfood salad.

Athenian grills

Location of Chevy Chase: 313 S. Ashland Ave.

Call: 859-303-5048

Park Plaza, downtown 120 E. Main St.

Call: 859-309-9020

For our lovers of the Mediterranean, Athenian Grill offers a soup originating from Greek cuisine. Avgolemono soup made with chicken broth, arborio rice, egg and lemon makes it a traditional dish that is both tasty and customary.

The Athenian Grill’s menu ranges from traditional dips to an extensive selection of gyros. There’s something for everyone at this Lexington restaurant.

The Mouse Trap

Location: 3323 Tates Creek Road

Call: 859-269-2958

If you like spontaneity, check out The Mousetrap for a soup of the day. Located in the Lansdowne Shoppes, The Mousetrap is a family run specialty food, kitchen and table shop with fresh deli offerings.

Recent daily soups include basil tomatoes, creamy wild mushrooms, potatoes, bacon and hearty vegetables.

Looking for more? Check The Mousetrap’s Facebook page for daily updates on featured soups or their website for a preview of the seasonal spring menu.

by Minton

Location: 760 N. Limestone

Call: 859-948-1874

Who said tomato soup was only good for winter? If you’re looking for a way to blend the flavor of tomato into a summer soup dish, Minton’s Restaurant has the perfect bowl for you.

Dill Tomato Bisque is a vegetarian option described as a creamy tomato soup with lots of garlic and herbs. It is topped with homemade sourdough croutons.

Minton’s menu also includes a lentil and black bean burger, a vegan sriracha tempeh salad sandwich, and Carolina pulled chicken corn cakes.

Joe Bologna’s pizzeria and Italian restaurant

Location: 120 Maxell Street West.

Call: 859-252-4933

Established in 1973, Joe Bologna’s offers a variety of pizzas, sandwiches, and yes, soups, for customers to choose from.

Recent homemade soups include chicken noodles, gazpacho, cream of potatoes and cabbage, and ham and beans.

One look at Joe Bologna’s menu, and you’ll be craving more than soup this summer.

Missy’s Pie Shop

Location: 502 E. High St.

Call: 859-253-0449

Missy’s Pie Shop serves a variety of paninis, wraps and salads to accompany the restaurant’s signature pies.

Open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the restaurant offers an on-site soup of the day only available to all soup lovers.

Check out the full menu here.

Dad’s favorite deli

Location: Located inside the arcade at 820 Lane Allen Road

Call: 859-309-1930

Dad’s Favorite Deli soup of the day to get you in the summer mood.

Known for its cheese spreads and sandwiches, Dad’s also does a daily soup. Dad’s is open weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., making it the perfect spot for lunch.

Stella’s Kentucky Deli

Location: 143 Jefferson St.

Call: 859-255-3354

Speaking of delis, Stella’s Kentucky Deli offers restaurateurs a variety of soups to try.

From tomato bisque with artichoke hearts to lentil stew with sherry and thyme, Stella’s is sure to have your next favorite summer soup on its menu.

Their Facebook page offers a preview of other menu items, including breakfast favorites like Eggs Benedict.

Josie’s Restaurant

Location: 821 Chevy Chase Plaza

Call: 859-523-8328

Want a good soup and salad? Whether you’re a tomato soup lover or prefer spontaneity when it comes to choosing your dish, Josie’s has you covered!

Josie’s Homemade Tomato Soup is the perfect complement to grilled cheese or a quesadilla. Check the restaurant’s Facebook page or menu options for more options, or visit the restaurant to try their soup of the day!

The restaurant allows customers to place orders online and offers menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Side grid

Location: 147 N. Limestone

Call: 859-225-8883

Sidebar Grill offers a soup of the day made with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Recent options include cucumber gazpacho topped with fresh jalapeño and strawberry and fresh basil gazpacho.

Charlie Brown Restaurant and Lounge

Location: 816 Euclid Ave.

Call: 859-269-5701

Charlie Brown’s restaurant and lounge has called Lexington home for more than 30 years, as have its soups.

Charlie Brown’s Gazpacho is a mouth-watering classic that is sure to be high on your list of soups to try this season.

Visit the restaurant’s Facebook page to discover their daily specials.

AP Suggestions Bar and Grill

Location: 345 Romany Road

Call: 859-268-0709

AP Suggestins Bar and Grill changes its soups regularly, so you’ll need to call ahead or stop by the restaurant to find out exactly what’s being served.

Recent daily soups include Tomato Bisque and French Onion, and they’re both the perfect additions to other menu items like Grilled Chicken Salad or Suggin’s Chicken Sandwich.

You can find a showcase of menu items on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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