Taqueria Downton in Jersey City has the best taco in NJ


Let’s Taco-bout TACOS!!

One of the major essential food groups, if you ask me – when cooked, the right way!

We’re not talking ground beef, shredded cheese, and taco sauce from the grocery store. We are talking about tender, juicy and marinated chicken, carne asada, birria, fish and chorizo… homemade flour and corn tortillas, served with fresh spices and vegetables full of flavor! Real. Authentic. Tacos !

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

And like everything else, you can find tons of them in New Jersey. But where can you find the BEST tacos in the entire state? We will come to that.

NJ.com released its list of “New Jersey’s 29 Best Tacos, Rankedfor 2022, which must have been a very laborious but delicious undertaking. Whether you’re looking for birria, seafood, barbacoa, carnitas, fish, chicken, or cultural fusion tacos, you’ll find them on this list .

But before we get to #1, let’s take a second to enjoy some of Central Jersey’s awfully tasty tacos!

#25 Surf Taco – “Baja Surf Taco” – Point Pleasant

This place presents a more “fun” version of Californian tacos. They have various locations along the Jersey Shore. If you find yourself here, one of the best tacos they have to offer is the “Baja Surf Taco” with fried cod, avocado-lime sauce, chipotle mayo and salsa

#23 “The Golden Avocado Taco” – Tacoria, Princeton/New Brunswick NJ

The golden avocado taco is fried avocado, but honestly, everything looks good. Look at this glorious platter! We love a place that doesn’t skimp on the guac!

#18 “Al pastor tacos”, Tacos Los Campos, Brick NJ

If you want authentic check out this place. You can practically SEE the flavor of the meat from the tacos al pastor – and topped with mangoes!? *swoon*

#15 “Taco Pollo a la Plancha” – Tacos El Tio, Medford NJ

This place is about as authentic as it gets! Taco pollo a la plancha is a chicken taco, but take a load of Tacos Campechanos with chorizo ​​and carne asada!

#13″Spicy Pork Taco” -Taquitos Buenaventura, Long Branch NJ

#4 Chicken tinga taco, Dona Julia Mexican Kitchen, Point Pleasant Beach

And now for #1! Where to find the BEST tacos in all of New Jersey? *drum roll please*

#1 The Taco Carnitas, Taqueria Downtown, Jersey City

This place isn’t particularly flashy or expensive, but they let their food speak for itself! The carnitas taco is a must, but also check out this perfection of a barbacoa taco!

What do you think? Where did you find the best tacos in New Jersey? No wrong answers – let us know!

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