The Best Sides of Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania, According to Google Trends



10. Cornbread stuffing – Coming in at #10 on the list is cornbread stuffing. This stuffing is basically like your usual Thanksgiving stuffing, but it’s made with cornbread. It’s a fun and tasty twist on the traditional stuffing.

9. Broccoli Cheese Casserole – This delicious casserole made with broccoli and cheese and topped with breadcrumbs, or sometimes crackers, ranks #9 on the list.

8. Cornbread – This traditional Thanksgiving side ranked #8 on the list. Forget regular buns, because cornbread is what everyone is searching on Google this year.

7. Gluten-free stuffing – Eating delicious holiday foods like stuffing can be tricky if you’re gluten-free. Gluten-free stuffing ranked #7 on the list.

6. Sweet Potato with Marshmallow Casserole – A classic Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole, with the marshmallows of course, ranked #6 on the list.

5. Mac and cheese – Do you eat macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving? The majority of people do, hence why mac and cheese made #5 on the list.

4. Green Bean Casserole – Comes to No. 4 is a great Thanksgiving staple, a casserole of green beans. You can’t deny that the best part of green bean casserole is the crispy onions that go on top.

3. Mashed potatoes – Do you like smooth mashed potatoes or thick mashed potatoes? While we don’t know which is the most popular, we do know that everyone loves mashed potatoes enough that it’s #3 on the list.

2. Cranberry Sauce – Another hard-hitting question, do you like homemade cranberry sauce or the one that comes in a can? According to Google Trends, homemade cranberry sauce is most popular in Pennsylvania, but in the Midstate, more people search for canned cranberry sauce than homemade cranberry sauce recipes. Either way, cranberry sauce still ranks second on the list.

1. Corn casserole – Drum roll please… and the #1 side of Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania is corn casserole! Corn casserole is exactly what it sounds like, corn in casserole form. This delicious side is the best side in Pennsylvania. The best casserole, however, is the Green Bean Casserole, according to Google Trends.

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