The Day – Canggio brings fusion cuisine to Norwich


This release corrects the spelling of the restaurant name.

Julio Cancho and his father own Canggio, an elegant Peruvian restaurant in Norwich.

Originally from Lima, Peru, who grew up in Cusco, Cancho successfully exposes the community to authentic Peruvian cuisine. The property is located at 20 Lafayette St.

Julio Cancho made his debut on the popular Food Network show “Chopped” in 2019. He competed against chefs and restaurateurs whose establishments are located in California and New York. Cancho says being recognized as a contestant on “Chopped” by viewers and fans has helped his culinary career.

The menu features entrees and appetizers such as ceviche, roast chicken, and an interesting stir-fry. Their calamari is exceptional, seasoned with lots of lime.

Omar Fernandez, a gregarious bartender in Canggio, invented his own after-dinner drink made with Kahlua and Frangelica, a great substitute for Keoke coffee or hot chocolate. At the bar, exotic drinks are available, such as the Maracuya, made with passion fruit, and a cocktail made with purple corn syrup, pineapple and lime juice and spicy cinnamon, which, as stated Niantic guest Joann Brown “tastes like Christmas.”

In Peru, Italian, Asian and American cuisine is available but with a South American twist. The influence is called “fusion”.

Julio Cancho is also the owner of 86d Bar and Eatery, which sells bar food and has a casual atmosphere. It is located at 685 Main St. in Norwich.

His plan for the future is to open a third restaurant in Miami, Florida, with traditional dishes and a bar.

Lisa Shasha lives in Norwich.

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