The festive way to add veggies to your 4th of July meal


Turns out, with a little imagination, you can easily incorporate vitamin-rich products into your 4th of July party. While you can always opt for traditional selections like corn on the cob or coleslaw, there’s no need to limit your choice to the tried and true. In fact, if you scour the internet, you’re likely to find loads of delicious vegetable dishes to showcase your creativity and artistic flair.

Food Lion, for example, suggests building a veg platter that looks like the flag using rows of red (cherry tomatoes and chili peppers) and white (cauliflower, of course) and replacing the blue with a blue bowl. filled with blue cheese. Pad. Produce Moms offer a festive veggie cup, which is easily made by pouring dip into the bottom of the clear container, tossing spear-shaped veggies like bell peppers, asparagus, and carrots, and adding a festive twist of independence with miniature flags and a star. – themed sticks. Taste of Home suggests blending a mix of vegetables and fruits to create a red, white and blue salad. And, remember, any vegetable dish can be made Independence Day worthy by adding a few simple American-themed decorations that are readily available at your nearest dollar store.

There’s no reason the burger should monopolize all the glory, while the humble vegetable is ignored this July 4th weekend. Create and show your favorite vegetable some love.

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