The unexpected fruit that works perfectly on the grill


Perhaps surprisingly to some, watermelon tastes awesome when roasted, and we certainly wouldn’t object to the idea that we should all start eating more watermelon. In fact, the pleasantly sweet, juicy, and crispy fruit of the vine makes for an incredibly tasty plant-based burger. Yes, you read correctly ! Watermelon burgers are definitely a thing, and people swear by them. A writer for The Takeout described his watermelon burger experience quite eloquently, saying: “The first time I tried it I was so amazed my body was filled with the kind of wonderful joy how I feel after seeing a magic trick.”

Watermelon burgers can be treated just like the traditional beef burgers we know and love, and there are plenty of toppings that have been tested by advocates. For example, instead of the classic slice of cheddar cheese you’d pile on top of a beef patty, use tangy cheeses like feta or creamy, tangy goat cheese to perfectly complement the sweetness of the watermelon patty. NYT Cooking’s recipe calls for minced onion for extra crunch and a balanced, bold flavor. Feel free to get creative and play with different toppings to discover your perfect bite.

Grilled fruit also makes an extraordinarily delicious dessert or side dish. If for some reason you’re not too fond of watermelon, The Spruce Eats also recommends grilling pineapples, peaches, apples, pears, and even bananas.


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