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Many people have a huge goal in life, which is to live a long, healthy existence and ultimately reverse aging. “How do I get some R&R and longevity,” you might ask? The best way to support such a journey, of course, is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Did you know that time off from work also plays a key role in living longer? In fact, not walking away can have a negative impact on your overall health.

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2015 there were nearly 500,000 centenarians (people aged 100 and over) on Earth. This number quadruple since 1990. By 2050, it is estimated that 3.7 million centenarians will live on our planet. If you want long life and good health to be on your agenda, we have five destinations around the world that you must visit or relocate to that relate to longevity. They are called the Blue Zones and were founded by Dan Buettner, several New York Times bestselling author and National geographic Companion. Let’s just say you really need it in your life.

Read on to learn more about these amazing “fountain of youth” filled destinations and how you can reverse aging. Then check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong, Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.


This breathtaking part of the world is filled with history, white sand beaches, festivals and amazing weather. In fact, the area is famous for a six-month summer season, so you can’t go wrong planning a spectacular time here under the sun.

If you’re looking to reverse aging, Sardinia is home to the highest number of centenarian men on Earth. According to Blue Zones, while many may be genetic, Sardinians follow a healthy plant-based diet, are physically active, and value family time highly. They go fishing, hunting, and eat the crops they grow.

A great tradition in this region is to enjoy fresh pecorino cheese from grass-fed sheep. Goat’s milk is also a common drink here, and it’s a great way to prevent health issues that can arise with aging. Oh, and if you like wine, the locals here moderately sip cannonau wine, which is perhaps why the male population seems less stressed.

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Ikaria, Greece, destination for blue zones to reverse aging

Ikaria is brimming with culture and history, with a backdrop of lush valleys, scenic mountains and beautiful beaches. Savor traditional recipes made by the locals of Ikaria and learn how to dance the “Ikariotikos” during a village festival, according to Visit Icaria.

Icarians are very fond of napping and are very loyal to a Mediterranean diet, consuming plenty of whole grains, vegetables, olive oil, fruits, beans, and potatoes. The best secret to learn on this Mediterranean island? How the locals seem to be experts in the reverse aging process. Thirty-three percent of the population apparently live in very good health, into their 90s. Traveling to Ikaria to partake in some of these activities sounds rather appealing, doesn’t it?

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Nicoya, Costa Rica's Blue Zones Reverse Aging

This beautiful peninsula is a very popular area to visit, especially if you are looking for a beach and sun getaway. According to Costa, some say the Nicoya Peninsula is the best surf spot on the planet. Water sports and ecotourism are incredibly popular in this destination. Locals and visitors alike love to venture into caves and even birdwatch.

One thing is certain: in addition to experiencing these activities, you will find the traditions of the extraordinary Nicoyans, as they have a guided purpose in life. This is called a “plan de vida”.

Many Nicoyans live to be over 90 years old. How do they do? Not only do they avoid processed foods, but they also include lots of tropical fruits, corn, squash, and beans in their diet (via Weather). They spend a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air and are known to be very strong and healthy.

Okinawa, Japan, Blue Zones Reverse Aging

See some castle ruins, nature that exudes unparalleled beauty, and “nuchigusui” — aka “life medicine” — is how Okinawans describe their food (via Visit Okinawa). Food is not something to be consumed in this part of the world; meals are meant to nourish both mind and body. Okinawans thrive in a very close circle of loved ones (their moai), supporting each other through stressful times (via Weather). Plus, Okinaka is home to the longest-lived women in the world, and once you visit and learn about Okinawans, you’ll understand why.

Blue Zones of Loma Linda, California

The meaning of Loma Linda is “beautiful hill”. This corner of the country has always been a healthy environment conducive to life. The community prides itself on its laid-back lifestyle and is brimming with culture. Here you can see the San Jacinto and San Bernardino Mountains, so you will definitely have your fill of stunning scenery. Many people flock to this destination whether to teach, learn, research or heal. Apparently, once they’ve done that, they don’t want to leave.

The people of Loma Linda eat well. According to Weather, a good majority of the natives consume plant-based foods, nuts and whole grains, but they stay away from any meat. They live next to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and believe in community. The Sabbath day is a time to relax, reset, and meditate. Loma Linda Adventists live up to 10 years longer than other Americans.

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