Tulare County Crop Report for the week ending April 23


Citrus fruits, avocados and olives: Harvesting of grapefruits, tangerines and navel oranges was delayed over the Easter weekend and then resumed as normal. Bee apiaries remain in and around flowering citrus groves. Plantings of seedless tangerines remain netting to prevent cross-pollination by bees. Mandarins are sent to Korea and Japan. Navel oranges are sent to New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Singapore and In Vietnam. Cara cara navels are packaged for domestic markets as well as for export to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. Minneola tangelos are packaged for domestic markets and exported to Japan and Korea. Lemons are currently harvested and packaged for domestic markets, as well as exported to Korea, Japan and Mexico. The avocado and olive trees are still in bloom.

Vegetables, melons, herbs and berries: Strawberries are at the height of the season and can be found at fruit stands throughout the county along with this season’s herbs and vegetables. The leaf lettuce harvest continues. Blueberries continue to bloom and some are being shipped to Taiwan and Vietnam. Previously planted eggplant, beans, garlic, onions, squash, sweet corn, watermelon and zucchini continue to grow. Planting periods have been staggered to spread out future harvest periods.

Livestock and Poultry: The fed cattle market held steady at $138/cwt. this week. The quality of the courses remains very good. The irrigated pastures are in excellent condition. Rainfall expected later this week should benefit rangeland forage. Some ranchers continue to supplement their cattle with alfalfa and oat hay. Beef bulls and cows are always in high demand, with the market choppy in waves.

Additional comments from Tom: Shipments of ornamental nursery stock continue to be received at local nurseries and stores. Nurseries continue to increase inventory due to demands for spring shipments. Wholesale nurseries are shipping more spring stock to other states. Processed bare root roses continue to be shipped to various domestic and overseas markets, but in smaller numbers. Roses are sent to Arizona, Texas and Hawaii.

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