Tulare County Crop Report for the week ending March 26


Citrus fruits, avocados and olives: Pomelos are packaged for domestic markets as well as Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Tangelos are exported to Japan and Colombia. The Navel orange varieties that are harvested are Washington, Lane, Barnfield, Late Navel, Thomson Improved (TI), Cara Cara, Fisher and Newhall. Bellies continue to be sent to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Fiji, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Tonga, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia , Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Cara caras are packaged for domestic markets and exported to Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. Blood oranges are destined for domestic markets and Korea. Grapefruits are exported to Korea and Japan. Netting continues to be placed in seedless tangerines in anticipation of the upcoming citrus blossom season. Tangerines are harvested and transported to domestic markets and exported to Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and Guatemala. Star Ruby grapefruits are exported to Japan. Lemons are exported to Colombia and Japan. New blocks of gem avocado trees are starting to be planted where citrus has been removed.

Vegetables, melons, herbs and berries: Local fruit stalls plant spring crops. Onion, lettuce, herbs and strawberries continue to be harvested and sold at local farmers’ markets. Field preparation is underway as warmer temperatures will provide good conditions for planting. The onions continue to grow. Eggplant seedlings also continue to grow.

Livestock and Poultry: The quality of the courses is still good, but the hot and sunny weather will start to dry out the vegetation. The feeder cattle market was $138/cwt. this week.

Additional comments from Tom: Wholesale nurseries are shipping more spring stock to other states. Local nurseries are filling out their spring inventory. Local citrus nurseries also ship citrus, grafted wood, and seed to local, out-of-state, and international nurseries and growers. Cut flowers are imported from Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia to flower shops in Tulare County.

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