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Half of the apartments sold the first weekend, a crazy seventy-one mills in sales.

Three-time surfing world champion Mick Fanning and Rip Curl founder Doug Warbrick pooled their considerable fortunes to fund with a few others a wild-looking tower with yoga and steam rooms, gymnasiums , a rooftop slide and hanging gardens at Rainbow Bay, where you will find Snapper, Greenmount etc.

Mick and Doug, who both own pieces of land in Rainbow but not on the beach side, have combined their land holdings into one monster block.

Doug, you may remember, got his money’s worth after selling his slice of Rip Curl in Kathmandu after fifty years of continued ownership in a total sale worth $ 350 million; Mick, who won world titles in 2007, 2009 and 2013 before retiring in 2018 after seventeen years of touring, has long been in real estate as well as various pieces of business including Balter Beer which sold a year ago for a mill of two hundred rumors.

The approval of the tower, which is called Spirit, was not a done deal despite Fanning’s god status around Coolangatta, the Gold Coast Council stung them for an infrastructure charge of $ 2.084 million.

The council also wanted to green the joint, having “celebrity moguls” increase the size of the planters on the apartments.

Whatever you think of towers, development, rich getting richer and so on, you have to admit, owee, that’s no peach.

Swimming pool, ice bath, yoga and steam rooms, infrared sauna, roof slide, outdoor cinema, etc.

Popular? Yeah, you could say that.

Half of the 93 apartments were bought on the first weekend, a wild with seventy-one vintages in sales.

Just under two miles gets a three bed, about a mill, and all Australian shekels, two beds.

The developer of Spirit is Paul Gedoun who builds the exclusive Flow residences overlooking the Supa Bank in Rainbow Bay.

As I wrote at the time, “Flow has all the usual markers of wealth, heated pool, daybeds, steam room, gymnasium, personal surfboard locker rooms, fire pit, even a” surfboard prep room. “where, perhaps, the locals could be employed to mend their masters’ surfboards and where the lucky, whiskey-breathed children will be free to roam and small dogs from Mexico will be trained to walk on their hind legs.

V exciting.

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