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Depending on where you live, September is arguably the two best seasons for cooking: high summer produce and the first abundance of fall. While we spend all our working hours thinking about what to eat, in this weekly roundup we share the recipes we make for fun and want to make again ASAP. Check back every Friday for more September favorites.

September 9

Butter summer pasta

I was scrolling through TikTok when I came across a step-by-step BA on how to make Shilpa Uskokovic’s Silky Pasta with Buttered Tomatoes. Naturally, I too felt compelled to make Shilpa’s pasta. I admit, I cheated and used De Cecco fettuccine rather than making my noodles from scratch (sorry), but the end product was still brilliant and delicious – a perfect end-of-summer weeknight meal with bright tomatoes and fresh basil. I added fresh corn kernels, which gave a nice sweetness and crunch, and replaced the oyster sauce with anchovy sauce to satisfy the umami quotient. —Li Goldstein, digital production assistant

Fresh pasta with tomato butter

Two-ingredient homemade pasta (no machine required!) meets a buttery-but-fresh tomato sauce finished with a drizzle of umami-rich fish sauce.

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Mac and Cheese Tikka Masala

I invited friends over for dinner and made my wife’s favorite homemade dish: this spicy macaroni and cheese from the talented Preeti Mistry. Grilling and grinding your own spices is essential (if you don’t have some black cardamom on hand, get some, you’ll be glad you did). I add a scoop of flour to make a roux and swap whole milk for some heavy cream because I can’t bring myself to use a whole pint. Whatever cheese I have on hand goes in the jar; this week it was fresh goat cheese and an amazing Cabot cheddar aged by Jasper Hill Farm. The end result is comforting, appetizing and full of flavor. —MacKenzie Chung Fegan, Trade Editor

Elote Inspired Corn Children

Corn Kid has sent our whole family into a wacky late-summer frenzy, with two-tone ears hitting the grill every few days. My favorite preparation last week was this Mexican filling of cream, mayo and cotija. Instead of just chili powder, we sprinkle on one of these seasoned chili salts, a collaboration between Madre Mezcal and Yardy. —MF

Several grilled corn on the cob on a platter dusted with Cotija cheese and chili powder sprinkled with lime wedges...

Everything you love about Mexican elote – the charred grains, the creamy-spicy-salty sauce, lots of lime – without the grill.

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Cuban black beans

There are times for big, ambitious kitchen projects, and then there are times for simple, inexpensive foods. I am in the process of moving, as I unpack my kitchen and collect my security deposit, we are firmly in cheap comfort territory. For me, that means black beans. I added a little smokiness to this Rick Martinez classic by replacing the green pepper with more flavorful poblano. Then I dug through my spice box for my Mexican oregano to make sure my frijoles tasted the right way – Italian stuff just isn’t the same. —Nico Avalle, Digital Operations Associate

Crispy and shiny eggplant

Influenced by photography in our recently published guide to eggplant varieties, I picked up some fairy tale eggplants when I saw them at the farmer’s market. After ooh-ing and aah-ing how tiny and adorable they are, I plan to turn them into Maangchi Bulgogi style eggplants. It will hit all the notes I’m craving right now: salty, spicy, sweet and nutty. I can’t wait to put it on steamed rice with a shower of sesame seeds and chopped green onions. —Antara Sinha, Associate Kitchen Editor

Pan-fried marinated eggplant recipe from Maangchi's Big Book of Korean Cooking, from everyday meals to celebratory cooking

This easy weeknight pan-fried eggplant is so flavorful and pleasantly moist, it’s practically meaty.

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September 2

Watermelon juice to beat the heat

First, my husband brought home a watermelon from a weekend. Then our CSA sent a watermelon. Then our CSA sent another watermelon. And suddenly we had a problem. This vibrant, practically bursting juice from Molly Baz saved the day. It’s so refreshing, I wish I could swim in it. —Emma Laperruque, Food Editor

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They are two ingredients and the most refreshing thing you will drink this summer.

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Salsa to always keep in the refrigerator

Again and again this salsa has been so good to me. A family recipe by Andrea Aliseda, it was first published on Epicurious, then dubbed “genius” on Food52. It’s fiery, flavorful, creamy and glorious on just about anything, especially crispy mushroom tacos. —EL

Ultimate coleslaw for summer grilling

I have a friend who loves using his Big Green Egg to smoke meat. I’m usually tasked with bringing a salad or two to go with the main course. With red cabbage from my friend Laurie’s garden, I turned to this Creamy Miso Coleslaw. I use the recipe as a base, but also add anything lying around in the fridge to broaden the appeal. Last week I fried some leeks to add to the mix. With its luscious dressing (a creamy mixture of mayonnaise, red miso and soy), it is an ideal sheet for smoked or grilled foods. —Dawn Davis, Editor-in-Chief

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Dal Palak that tastes like home

After a tough week, there are a few comfort foods I turn to out of habit, with dal being right at the top of the list. This Chitra Agrawal recipe for dal palak is remarkably close to how my mother cooks it. Spooned over rice and served with a big scoop of plain yogurt, this is a complete, healthy and filling meal that does the trick. I use frozen spinach blocks instead of fresh when my crisper looks empty, and it’s just as delicious. —Antara Sinha, Associate Kitchen Editor

Blueberry and peach graham cracker

I know for people who are sick of the heat, September means the start of fall, but the seasons officially change on September 22, that’s a fact. Until then, I’m still enjoying whatever sunshine I can from these few weeks: using some wonderful late summer produce and making Samantha Seneviratne’s Blueberry Peach Graham Pancake. Adding graham cracker crumbs to the crust adds a bit of toasty punch, but of course the peaches are the real star. -AS

Blueberry and Peach Graham Wafer Recipe
Blueberry and peach graham cracker

Graham cracker crust lovers, rejoice! This glorious fruit galette is for you.

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Cake in a cup with melted double chocolate

I’m leaving for Labor Day weekend, so I haven’t bought my usual harvest of summer fruit this week. The tragedy remained when I had an intense craving for dessert and nothing in the house to satisfy it. Enter this chocolate mug cake from our friends at Epicurious. It takes three minutes to prepare from start to finish and only requires a handful of standard pantry ingredients. I poured some milk over the top right after it came out of the microwave, thinking it would give it a little sassy moment – instead it was absorbed immediately and basically turned my cake into a pudding. Encore: He absolutely hit the spot. —Joe Sevier, Food Editor and SEO


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