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“What should I cook?” is a question Bon Appétit employees think about a lot – for work, yes, but also when we get home. In this weekly digest, we share the recipes we make on the fly (and can’t wait to make again). Check back every Friday for more July favorites.

July 15th

Grilled Corn With Chaat Masala

Thank you, universe – and Mehreen Karim, who developed the recipe, and her mother-in-law, who inspired it – for introducing me to this dish at the start of corn season. “An otherworldly spice blend,” as Priya Krishna puts it, chaat masala takes buttery corn from rich and sweet to tangy, spicy and full of umami, thanks to ingredients like amchur, cumin, coriander, chili powder, kala namak and asafetida. This is the only grilled corn I’ll be talking about this summer (no disrespect to all of our other corn recipes). —Emma Laperruque, Food Editor

Grilled Corn With Chaat Masala

All it takes is a pungent spice blend to knock your summer roasted corn out of the park.

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It’s not summer until the zucchini bloom

Zucchini blossoms are the perfect sign of summer in New York: delicate with that gorgeous turmeric yellow that gives off long, hot, sunny days. I’m leaning towards a satisfying umami flavor, so for this stuffed zucchini flower recipe, instead of lemon and mint, I’m tossing sautéed pickled onions (another star of the season) and trumpet mushrooms in ricotta from Hawthorne Valley Farm. For a flourless fry, I use tapioca or potato starch. They were a little finicky the first time around, but with practice they’re an easy dish to impress friends with. —H Conley, researcher

Seedy, hearty, to-use granola bars

Like some sort of anxious bird hoarding for the winter, I’ve managed to accumulate an absurd number of seeds, nuts, and dried fruits left over from various baking projects and recipes. I turn them into Sarah Jampel’s Nut Butter Granola Bars to use as on-the-go breakfast when I run late in the morning (meaning every morning). And because I have an insatiable sweet tooth, my batch will definitely have a handful of mini chocolate chips thrown into the mix. —Antara Sinha, Associate Kitchen Editor

The image may contain plant foods, vegetables, nuts, cereals, pecans and bread.

This just-enough-sweet, chewy-yet-firm bar is bound with peanut butter and honey.

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Creamy corn noodles without cream

I certainly didn’t make my mashed corn liquid enough for this Creamy No-Cream Corn Pasta from Melissa Clark, but this dish absolutely celebrated seasonal sweet corn in a way that felt heavier than my usual cobblestone salad. I followed the comments and played around: a clove of garlic came in with the green onion whites, and I cooked the cobs in water before cooking my dry pasta. I also used Desert Provisions hatching chili flakes instead of the standard flakes. Overall I would do it again. —Serena Dai, Editorial Director

Upside-down cake not intimidating

I don’t consider myself a very good baker, but I kind of have a Julia and Julia moment with Cheryl Day, and it all started with her pineapple upside-down cake. When I first made this recipe I was absolutely terrified because I knew I had to make caramel and flipping an entire cake – two tasks I never look forward to – but you know what’s so great about Cheryl Day (besides her dedication and love for baking)? She makes cakes that seem difficult for a new baker to make. Also, here’s something I learned the second time I made this recipe: if your cake sticks to the pan, just pick it up and drop it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream. —Esra Erol, Senior Social Media Manager

pineapple upside-down cake recipe
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Retro classic pineapple upside-down cake is instantly enhanced with fruity and sophisticated Luxardo cherries.

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Lentil Smothered Greens on Fried Bread

This wonder-of-the-week recipe is inexplicably, wonderfully, insufficiently greater than the sum of its parts. I turn to him whenever I have kale in my fridge, which is usually often and specifically last Saturday. While I didn’t have fennel and celery on hand, I had garlic scapes from a friend’s garden and a jar of pickled wild mushrooms picked by our neighbor. (Update: I’m still alive.) —MacKenzie Chung Fegan, Trade Editor

Floral and berry-scented tea cake

As I was trying to clean out everything in my fridge before going on vacation, I Googled “can you freeze buttermilk?” so I wouldn’t waste the half pint I have left from a 4th of July cooking project. The answer was yes, but I thought I could use both the dairy and the pint of blueberries I almost forgot while baking a cake instead (you can certainly freeze a cake). I bumped up the saffron a bit because I love that subtle, floral flavor and finished with a heavy sprinkle of demerara sugar. This one is sure to become a regular in my summer baking rotation. —Kendra Vaculin, Associate Food Editor

blueberry saffron tea cake recipe
Blueberry Saffron Tea Cake

Blueberries and saffron may seem to belong to different worlds, but here they come together as delicious star-crossed lovers.

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July 8

Chewy and fudgy chipwiches

I’m such a fan of the classic Chipwich that some friends filled my freezer with it as a birthday present. Nothing says summer to me like spending the day in the sun and then hastily eating an ice cream sandwich as it melts in your arms. Shilpa Uskokovic’s recipe nails the chewy cookie texture to a T (thanks to agave nectar). And as a bonus, unlike some chocolate chip cookie recipes, this one doesn’t require creamy butter or an extended cooling time. —Antara Sinha, Assistant Kitchen Editor

Stack of three crisps on a plate against a yellow background.
Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches

A clever combination of olive oil and agave syrup keep these cookies miraculously moist and tender even straight out of the freezer.

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I’m the grocery store from my house, but this weekend I sent my wife to the farmer’s market for me. The good news: She came home with everything on my list and proclaimed the experience “fun.” The less good news: she doesn’t really know the portion size when it comes to buying vegetables. Luckily, we had brunch guests, so I consulted this absolutely clutch frittata ratio guide and threw together 16 eggs with sour cream, all those veggies, and lots of blue cheese. Now, if anyone knows what to do with 17 garlic scapes, please let me know. —MCF

Salad of crisp and spring peas

I just got back to New York from San Francisco, and frankly, my local Brooklyn Farmer’s Market doesn’t live up to the glory that is the Ferry Building. I was ready to be sad about it until I bought some sugar snap peas that turned out as crunchy, shiny, and sweet as the name suggests. I turned to this Claire Saffitz salad, in which the sweetness of the peas shone through while the tangy, creamy dressing kept it from that dreaded salad feeling where you feel like a bunny. -SOUTH DAKOTA

This image may contain plant food Produce vegetable dishes and meals

No need to cook them! Simply serve raw fresh snap peas with this creamy and tangy buttermilk dressing.

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Caesar salad—Hold the mayonnaise

When I go to Win Son Bakery in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg, the must-haves on my little metal platter are the mochi donut, the BEC scallion pancake, and the fan tuan. To balance, I recently decided to add their White Sesame Caesar to the mix – and wow. Andy Baraghani’s Sesame Caesar Salad is the closest I can get without jumping on the L bandwagon. Especially good with cast iron rib eye and crispy potatoes, the dressing requires no eggs or mayonnaise. All I need is my trusted pot of tahini for the earthiest, creamiest dressings. —Kate Kassin, Editorial Operations Associate

Homemade hamburger buns

How many times have I shot Toasted bread crumbs by Alexandra Stafford in my library? I lost count. Come mealtime, his hamburger buns are my pocket thing: suspiciously simple and everyone freaks out about them. If I’m lucky, I’ll have one or two left to grill in the morning and brush with salted butter. —EL

Toast Crumbs: No-Knead Bread Recipes and Meals to Savor Every Slice: A Cookbook

Steamed fish to remind you of home

When I don’t feel like calling my mom (sorry), I turn to Woks of Life for simple Chinese recipes I remember eating as a kid. For a small dinner with pescatarian friends, I opted for a simple Cantonese steamed fish. I bought some good bass from the farmer’s market for the dish and it was ideal: impressive, easy and light enough to stuff us with dessert. -SOUTH DAKOTA

Umami noodles to use whatever is in the fridge

I’m flying to Australia tomorrow and consider it my duty to eat every last morsel of fresh produce lurking in my fridge. This weekend, I made food editor Zaynab Issa’s hazelnut umami noodles and added an assortment of knobby mushrooms, half-wilted spinach, wrinkled peppers, and a random vegetarian sausage. “This is surprising,said my amazed boyfriend. Fluffy noodles tossed with a triumvirate of great flavors – brown butter, oyster sauce and soy sauce – literally turns anything you have into a comforting meal in about 20 minutes flat. —Ali Francis, Writer and Editor

Dish of noodles with gourmet peas and chopsticks on a beige background.
Hazelnut umami noodles with green onion brown butter and snow peas

Brown butter and salted oyster sauce make such a beautiful flavor duo that we wonder what took us so long to combine them.

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