What will they think next? How about some edible tape to hold your burrito together? – GV wire


There is no limit to the ingenuity of brilliant minds determined to solve problems, big or small.

The latest marvel of engineering: an edible strip you can stick on a burrito so it won’t fall apart.

Four top engineering students from Johns Hopkins University – America’s premier research university – began the mission last year during a lunchtime brainstorming session.

The female quartet of Tyler Guarino, Erin Walsh, Marie Eric and Rachel Nie found inspiration when Walsh’s burrito fell apart.

“It hit her then — it’s a problem we can fix,” Guarino told CNN.

The band on the burrito, on the right, is dyed blue for visibility. The actual band is colorless. (YouTube/Screenshot)

After testing various ingredients, they came up with a recipe that is gluten-free, textureless, clear, tasteless, and suitable for vegans.

They call it “Tastee Tape”.

For now, the Magic Burrito Fixer is a prototype made up of strips of tape on waxed paper. Their goal is to wrap it in rolls similar to office tape.

If successful, the students – all recent graduates from the University of Baltimore – could bring a new expression to the restoration.

“Please pass the salsa and the band.”

Learn more on CNN.

Watch: Edible tape holds the burrito together


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