What word do Utahns write the worst?



  • On Good Things Utah This Morning – A New Zealand mom has a message for anyone telling parents to “enjoy” their babies and toddlers while they’re young. “I don’t need anyone to tell me to enjoy this moment. I literally put my body on the line to make my dream come true, there is no one more grateful than me for these kids,” Hannah Findlay wrote in part, in a September Instagram post. “Can we universally delete this sentence now? We understood. You’ve forgotten all the hard stuff and you miss the sweetness and smallness of your young children now that yours are adults…but we’re still in it. In these long days and these short years. Messy kitchens and full hearts,” the mother-of-two continued. Instead, Findlay had a different suggestion. “Can we take this ‘enjoy every moment’ out and replace it with a shoulder rub. Please. A reminder that we are actually doing a good job,” the 36-year-old wrote.
  • Additionally, only one state has broccoli casserole as the most popular. Have you started to worry about what menu you’ll be serving your friends and family on Thanksgiving? There’s the turkey, of course, the stuffing, and your standing portion of homemade cookies. But what about the casserole? Are you going to offer the green bean casserole or something with butternut squash? The options are endless, but according to a report from Online-casinos.com, each state has a pretty clear preference. Knowing the most popular pan in your state might give you some inspiration. Overall, the most popular casserole is a variation of the green bean casserole, especially in the Midwest and West Coast. In the Northeast, casseroles made with squash are the most popular. Corn casserole reigns supreme in Texas, Illinois, Indiana and a handful of other states. We’ll tell you what’s adorning most Utahns’ dinner tables this year!
  • And Costco has 842 stores worldwide, including 579 in the United States, and more than 118 million cardholders. It has stores in places as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It is a big-box retailer known for its discounted bulk items, as well as its popular Kirkland private label products. The company has won praise for its shrewd business approach which some say gives it a competitive edge over other retailers. It has also earned a positive reputation by paying its employees higher average salaries than its competitors (via Investopedia). And then there’s Costco’s famous $1 hot dog deal that always keeps the hungry masses coming back for more. These stores are usually pretty massive — the average size of a Costco warehouse is 146,000 square feet — but if you want to make a pilgrimage to the world’s largest Costco, you’ll need to plan a trip to the Beehive State.
  • At the end of the show – According to the survey, Utah ranked #30 in spelling searches and needed help spelling a particular word. 79% of Americans rely on autocorrect for spelling and when asked how often they misspell when writing or texting, most respondents said they almost never mess up or even had to look up words. So what’s the most misspelled word in Utah? Tune in as we put the ladies to the test! We hope you’ll tune in to these hot topics and more this morning during a Friday edition of GTU.

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