What’s for dinner? 16.51 Furikake Edition

Two types of Furikake seasoning. Katsuo is skipjack, Ebi is shrimp.

Furikake, you say? What is that? It sounds weird.

Well, furikake is a Japanese seasoning mix usually used over steamed white rice to give it some flavor. However, it is basically dried and concentrated umami, which makes any dish taste even better.

Furikake is a Japanese seasoning usually prepared with Sesame seedsnori seaweed, salt and sometimes sugar. It varies from region to region can also include anything from skipjack fish flakes, with dried egg yolk, with chilli flakes miso powder with shiitake powder, dried shrimp and anchovies with poppy seeds. Some versions even include dried shiso leaves (something else to do with your shiso leaves next summer).

Basically, furikake is a mixture of nori seaweed, sesame seeds and bonito flakes. It is ground into a mixture much like you would see American “Italian seasoning” or Herbes de Provence.

As you can see in the photo, I have two varieties. Katsuo, which is a tuna flake, and Ebi, which is a shrimp.

BUT-be ready. This amount of Nori will give your dish a kind of ocean taste.

So how is it used? Basically in any savory dish you can think of. First I give you a recipe from Chef John where he makes the most basic furikake from scratch based on a Roy Choi dish.

Furikake is THE basic umami bomb. It’s good with ANYthing salty. How can I know? Glutamates. Lots of glutamate. Experiment with all kinds of dishes. Some more earthy flavors like Latin American, Middle Eastern, or Indian can conflict with certain types of furikake. But you don’t know if you don’t try. Moreover, there are different versions for different flavors.

So that’s a brief overview of fukake. You can make it yourself or order the flavors of your choice.

Dinner tonight? Well, when this is released, I’ll be on a plane home. HOWEVER, last week I made couscous with butter, onion, mushroom, salt, white pepper, and katsuo furikake. It was the side. Main was lamb chops. Those of the shoulder where you can suck the round bone marrow. I expect it to be delicious.

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