Where to Find Brazilian, Korean, Turkish, and Lemon Pepper Pizzas in Atlanta


It is estimated that Americans consume nearly three billion pizzas a year. That’s a lot of pizza. Atlanta is no exception. And who makes the best pizza in Atlanta, or which style is considered superior to all others, is still the subject of heated debate. Sure, there are New York, Jersey, Chicago, Detroit, Greek, Neapolitan, and even New Haven-style pizzas, but what about Turkish, Brazilian, Indian, and Korean pizzas?

Eater’s rounded up six pizzas Atlanta residents should definitely seek out and try, beyond the typical styles often found here, including pies topped with chili paneer and turkey skewers to those dressed in Calabresa sausage ( brazilian) and Catupiry cheese and sweet potato mousse stuffed pizza crusts.

Tandoori Pizza and Wing Co. (Indian-American)

197, rue Pêcher, Colony SquareAtlanta

The Seekh Kebab sausage.
Tandoori Pizza and Wing Co.

The naan Chili Paneer pizza from Tandoori Pizza and Wings in Atlanta.

Chile Panir.
Tandoori Pizza and Wing Co.

Founded by Bhojanic chef Archna Becker, Tandoori Pizza and Wing Co. at the Politan Row food hall in Midtown specializes in tandoori-style pizzas served on a naan crust. The naan provides a thin but solid base for the pizzas here, which are simmered in marinara chutney with a layer of mozzarella cheese, then topped with everything from turkey skewers, red onions and peppers to crumbly paneer, jalapenos, garlic, onions, and tomatoes drizzled with mango chili sauce.

Joy Pizza N Joy Chicken (Korean)

10820 Abbotts Bridge Road, Johns Creek

Sweet potato pizza with sweet potato mousse stuffed crust from Joy Pizza n Joy Chicken in Duluth, GA.

Sweet potato pizza with sweet potato mousse stuffed crust.
Beth McKibben

Located in the same complex as the Super H Mart, this is the place for Korean Fried Chicken lovers and pizza. While the restaurant serves classic pies on the menu, including pepperoni and cheese, skip them and order the Korean Sweet Potato Cheese Pizza topped with green peppers, corn, chunks of ham and sausage, and cubes of sweet potatoes and pineapple. It can even come with a stuffed crust of sweet potato mousse – a delicious way to consume pizza bones. Yellow Japanese sweet potato lends a subtle sweetness to this otherwise savory pie. Also try the Korean marinated steak pizza. There’s also a pizza topped with shrimp, crabmeat, smoked ham, and pineapple here.

Brazilian Pizza (Brazilian)

800 Forrest Street, Forrest Eatery, Atlanta

La Calabresa with pizza sauce, mozzarella, calabresa (Brazilian sausage), onions and oregano from Brasiliana Pizza in Atlanta.

The Calabrian.
Beth McKibben

La Caipira with pizza sauce, mozzarella, pulled chicken, Catupiry®, corn, bacon and oregano from Brasiliana Pizza in Atlanta.

The Caipir.
Beth McKibben

Owned by Thiago Machado and Nicollie Conovalow, Brasiliana Pizza is available for takeout and delivery from Forrest Eatery’s ghost kitchen in Berkeley Park. These pizzas are meant to be eaten with a knife and fork, and are loaded with toppings, blending Brazilian and Italian ingredients and flavors to create a unique style that is savory, sometimes subtly sweet and bringing often a little hot. With a long-fermented crust reminiscent of sourdough, the choice here for meat lovers is the Calabresa, which is topped with a generous layer of Brazilian sausage and sliced ​​onions. There’s also the Caipira topped with shredded chicken, bacon bits, creamy Catupiry cheese and lots of oregano. Love chocolate? Order the Brigadeiros pizza, a dessert pie with a thick layer of gooey chocolate fudge and chocolate chips, made from the Brazilian truffle of the same name. Beware, this pizza is messy and super rich.

Brave Wojtek (Polish)

Various Atlanta locations

Atlanta pop-up Brave Wojtek recreates a version of Zapiekanka, a popular street food, Zapiekanka is a type of French bread pizza usually topped with mushrooms, ham and melted cheese and drizzled with ketchup.

Brave Wojtek

Founded by Matt Reeves, look for zapiekanka on the menu at this Polish gourmet pop-up. A popular street food found throughout Poland, zapiekanka is akin to crispy French bread pizza usually topped with mushrooms, ham and melted cheese and drizzled with ketchup. Bread and sauces are the stars of the pizza show here. Follow Brave Wojtek on Instagram for dates and popups.

Truva (Turkish)

842 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta



Lahmacun is a super thin cheeseless flatbread topped with a layer of spiced ground lamb or beef mixed with herbs, chili peppers and onions. This Turkish-style flatbread is then topped with chunks of tomatoes, onions, and fresh parsley or grated greens, then folded into a wrapper and eaten. Truva Turkish Kitchen in Virginia-Highland has a mini version of lahmacun lamb on the menu, served as two flatbreads (each about the size of an unfolded taco) and accompanied by shredded greens and tomatoes for garnish.

Egg pies (Atlanta)

Various Atlanta locations

Wet Lemon Pepper Pizza from Phew's Pies in Atlanta.

Wet pizza with lemon pepper.
Egg pies

Oxtail and ricotta pizza from Phew's Pies in Atlanta.

Oxtail and ricotta pizza.
Egg pies

For a very Atlantic take on pizza, try Phew’s Pies Lemon Pepper Wet Pizza. Founded by Matthew “Phew” Foster, the pizza is topped with butter sauce, ground chicken, and mozzarella cheese. Lemon pepper-soaked wings crown the center of the pie, which can be drizzled with hot sauce. Also try the oxtail and ricotta pizza, with an oxtail sauce base. It is then topped with mozzarella and ricotta cheese, oxtails, cooked carrots, butter beans, green and yellow onions, and Scotch Bonnet for heat. Order online. Location provided when ordering. Follow on Instagram for menu updates and pop-up locations.

1363 Clairmont Road, Decatur, Georgia 30033
404 633 9233

842 North Highland Avenue Northeast, GA 30306
(404) 228-1007

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