Why Aarón Sánchez just recreated a viral TikTok recipe


What could be more appropriate than a chopped salad for a “chopped” chef and judge? OK, to be fair, the green goddess salad Aarón Sánchez is prepared a little differently than the original by Melissa Ben-Ishay. In Ben-Ishay’s version, all the assembled greens are gathered together and cut into bite-size or coleslaw-sized pieces. Ben-Ishay’s combo ingredients, as listed by one follower, include “cabbage, cucumber, chives.” [sic]: shallot, garlic, chives, olive oil, lemon/lime juice, rice vinegar, walnuts, cashews, spinach+basil, [nutritional] Yeast.”

Chef Sanchez’s version of the salad varies a bit in ingredients and chopping style, but the Green Goddess’ handmade dressing is central to the recipe. As shared by PR with Mashed, the Sanchez dressing uses cilantro, olive oil, Herdez avocado hot sauce, toasted pumpkin seeds, kosher salt, scallions, garlic and juice of a “crushed” lime.

Said Sanchez on ICT Tac“I like @Cooked by Melissa’s Green Goddess Salad, so I decided to make my own version with this Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad! My secret weapon? Hot avocado sauce #HERDEZ! Creamy, spicy, made with real avocados, it enhances any dish, main or side. »

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