Why hummus will likely get more expensive


Two main factors affect the cost of chickpeas: Russia’s war on Ukraine and the weather (via Reuters). And, according to the report, global pulse supply is expected to decline by around 20% in 2022.

Middle East Eye says the weather has impacted the chickpea crop in the United States, which ships the crop around the world and is the world’s fourth-largest exporter. Reuters reports that due to spring conditions, farmers have had to push crop planting later and as a result have focused more on wheat and maize.

Ukraine, which is also a chickpea exporter, has seen its harvest affected by the war with Russia and has not been able to plant as many chickpea plants as in the past, reports Middle East Eye. Sanctions against Russia are another boon for chickpeas as the country contributes about 25% of the crop to the world market. Navneet Singh Chhabra, director of Shree Sheela International, told Middle East Eye that Ukraine has not been able to export around 50,000 tonnes of chickpeas to Europe as it normally does.

How much more can you expect to pay for hummus? After reviewing data from NielsenIQ, Reuters said chickpea prices were up 12% from 2021 and 17% more since the start of the pandemic.


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