Woman Stuns TikTok With Her Easy Life Hack For Making “Perfectly Round” Cookies: “It Seems Illegal”


A residence the chef is breathtaking TIC Tac with her tower to make perfect, round cookies every time.

Pastry To hack, shared by user @babychrismom, seems to surprise viewers mainly because of its shocking simplicity. All you need is a drink or a can.

The idea spread widely on the platform, attracting more than 50 million views between two different videos.

TikTokers are no stranger to cooking tips. In recent months, users have shared their tips for “desalinated” foods, peel the corn on the cob with a cake tin and opening English muffins with a fork.

In the case of @babychrismom, some viewers seemed to believe the hack didn’t work, in part because it sounded too good to be true.

In his original hacking video, @babychrismom scans the camera on a tray of freshly baked cookies. She chooses a particularly unfortunate one and places a can on top.

Then she spins the can for a few seconds, spinning the cookie inside. What comes out is a perfect, round cookie.

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Although similar hacks have been around for a while, some viewers were skeptical.

“Use clear glass so we can see it’s true” a user wrote.

So @babychrismom did just that. In another clip that went over viral, she succeeds in the same trick with a transparent glass.

This time around, users seemed overwhelmingly convinced – and impressed.

“You can do it?” a user asked.

“Now I want cookies” another added.

“It seems illegal” another wrote.

Other users, however, have wondered how much hacking matters. Many have argued that there is no real reason for making perfectly round cookies.

“A solution for something that has never been a problem” a user wrote.

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